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If you think this post is about sweets, think again. We talk about the trendy, elegant and extremely graceful hairstyle – the donut bun. This Chignon, which is more popular at Air Hostesses, is a simple and extremely neat updo. Whether you have a bad day or a good one, or when the heat gets on your nerves, or if you’re just extremely lazy to wash your hair, that’s a great hairstyle to choose from. Getting dressed for work seems so much easier and more fun. The best part – this hairstyle fits any outfit. It will look good on a bride and is also suitable for a bridesmaid. You can wear it to work or for a party. Whether you are wearing a classic dress, a refined dress, a graceful one Sari, or combine a formal business attire, incredible, this hairstyle complements any look or style. It’s sure to add instant glamor to your ensemble, no matter what the occasion.

The donut bun is so versatile that it can even be paired with a French braid. It can go on the side, it can be made high or low, you could create a messy look, or a decent one. Therefore, you get with this bun right much freedom and can create many hairstyles. Does not that sound very exciting? So let us learn how to make the donut roll without further ado.

First, look at what you need to style your curls into this wonderful updo.

Things You Need:

  • A donut bun (easily available in a fancy store) / A piece of elastic
  • A tail comb
  • Some plastic rubber bands
  • Some hair clips
  • hair spray

A DIY step-by-step guide to the donut bun:

Step 1:

How to Make a Donut Bun - Image

Pull all your hair together and neatly comb them with a tail comb. Push all hair back and hold it in a neat ponytail. Tie it with a rubber band. This is for a simple and neat stewardess bun, but the nicotine quotient really depends on the hairstyle you want to sport. If you want a messy look, or if you want to have a French braid in the front, you need to take this into account before you start the bun. In case you want to have the bread roll on the side, you have to create your ponytail accordingly.

Step 2:

Put the donut roll or the elastic band in the ponytail.
How to Make a Donut Bun - Image
After that, you can use another rubber band to secure it.
How to Make a Donut Bun - Image
Step is the most important thing, and can also be a little tricky. With practice, you will achieve perfection. Initially, you might want to use a mirror that lets you see how you are working on the bun. Once you master the technique, it will be much easier.

Step 3:

Now you have to ask yourself what to do with the remaining hair that sticks out.
How to Make a Donut Bun - Image
Well, all you have to do is divide it into two parts and turn each part around the bun.
How to Make a Donut Bun - Image
Secure this excess hair with hairpins. In case you want to spice up this simple bun, you can braid the remaining hair and then secure it to give your bun a nice frame.

Step 4:

How to Make a Donut Bun - Image
Spray to remove the stray strands of hair and keep the bun in place for a long time. Use your tail comb to place all the hair in front. Let’s go – another quick hairstyle in your kitten!

Was not that easy? To perfect the donut bun, take a look at this video:

How to Make a Donut Bun - Image

How to Make a Donut Bun - Image

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